Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some Quick Tips for Better Loans

Here are some quick tips to get favorable loan terms. I will keep adding to section when I remember certain things. Which include a longer grace period, lower interest rate, less collateral, better service and less surprises.

1. Don't take loans you don't think you can pay. Defaulting on loans will affect your credit score and cause you a lot of headaches for up to 7 years.

2. Earn the trust of one bank. Do all of your banking at one bank. If you have good history with them, they will be able to see how good of a customer you are which will result in bigger loans and lower interest rates.

3. If you are under 25 take all the credit the bank is willing to give you. Don't use if you don't think you can pay it off. But starting to earn credit and show your credit worthiness will pay huge dividends when you are older and need a mortgage or a luxury car loan.

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  1. Thanks for the infos, and keep posting I might need it one day :P